This redesign is still evolving. I started on The Japan Times project in 2008 and I’m still their lead design consultant. The JT is Japan’s biggest English-language daily with headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka. I redesigned the JT in two stages, the first was particularly challenging because I could work only with a tiny font list, the legacy of a previous publishing system. Stage two was completed last year using newly-purchased fonts as part of the paper’s changeover to an InDesign-based system.

The JT is proud of its heritage (established in 1897) and rather conservative when it comes to change. I’m still trying to talk them into using a pointer panel on page one! True to the national obsession with precision and perfection, the management wanted more than a comprehensive style manual, they wanted one that covered every single base. It was my most demanding task and took longer than all the design work. I’ve included some sample pages.