My career turned almost full circle in 2010 after making the sea change from Perth to Albany on Western Australia’s South Coast. I agreed to redesign the Albany Advertiser’s masthead, or banner, as I had been the editor of the paper in the 70s.

It was a labour of love involving weeks of research and painstaking redrawing of a version first published in 1927. I love it and was very proud to see it introduced.

The type was redrawn and interpreted from a masthead first published in 1927. The crest was introduced in 1996, but dropped in 2002. It was too good to lose.

This was the pointer I created to promote my redesign of the Albany Magazine.

Here's a spread from the first issue of the Albany Magazine after I redesigned it in 2010. It tells the story of how the new Advertiser masthead came to be.

This was how I instructed the production staff to present the new mast and and pointers.